Taking Flight:

Reclaiming the Female half of Godís Image through Advocacy and Renewal

Publication Date: 1 July 2010
Distributed by: Samizdat Creative and Wikiklesia Press
ISBN: 978-0-9796856-3-7


Wikilesia Volume 2, Taking Flight: Reclaiming the Female Half of Godís Image through Advocacy and Renewal, explores the changing views and perceptions of womenís status both in faith community and throughout the world. In this collaborative volume, we hear from established and bestselling authors, theologians, bloggers, leaders and practitioners, pastors, artists, and an ex-president, all who come from diverse backgrounds to offer a fresh approach to the theme of gender roles during a historic era when post industrial tsunamiís of societal and economic shifts are quickly approaching the world over. This defining topic is not one the church can fail to recognize and hope to successfully navigate the future. Will it react, engage in unremitting theological debate, or will it act by seeking the high ground of integrity, balance and harmony. Is it possible?

ABOUT WIKIKLESIA: The award winning Wikiklesia Project, is a ground breaking, ecclesial publishing experiment in personal participatory media and on-line collaborative publishing. This project has created a non profit, between - publishing paradigm based on collaboration over copyright. The model is flexible and nomadic, exploring new publishing paradigms that not only create streams of information and narrative, but which have the potential to generate social movement as well as raise money for charities.

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"Taking FlightĒ lives up to its title! The collaborative nature of this project gives witness to the power and creativity of doing more in Christ-centered community rather than futile discursive matches. When grounded in Christ, it is possible to soar in hope that men and women working and serving together can be reconciling forces in a world that desperately needs our full attention and contributions. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! - Dr. MaryKate Morse, author of Making Room for Leadership and professor at George Fox University

"Wow. I found "Taking Flight" to be a thoroughly captivating book from the first page. Thoughtful and provoking. Relevant but never reactionary as readers might expect. Full of Scriptural precedents and historical background to these changes happening around us while offering prophetic insight as to what's coming up next. So many issues of great importance and all of them dealt with fairly and passionately. Thanks for a memorable Friday afternoon." - Andrew Jones, The Boaz Project, tallskinnykiwi.com

"Taking Fight" is an important project that brings together a rich array of diverse voices to discuss the issues facing women in our world today. It is refreshing and challenging to read a book like this that provides strong theological groundings, historical perspectives and examples from today's world that are both instructive and insightful. I would highly recommend this book to any seeker after truth and freedom. - Christine Sine, Executive Director Mustard Seed Associates, speaker, teacher and author of Tales of a Seasick Doctor, Survival of the Fittest: Keeping Healthy in Overseas Travel and Service, and Sacred Rhythms: Finding a Peaceful Peace in a Hectic World

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