Dying To Live

This book prepares the church for a future of change. It confronts the hidden tyrannies among the most revered traditions & reveals the promises among the most feared trends. Tells how we got here, where we're going, & secrets to a successful transition.   28% Discount

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This book prepares the church for a future of change. It confronts the hidden tyrannies among the most revered traditions and reveals the glorious promises among the most feared trends. It tells how we got here, where we're going, and secrets to a successful transition.

Perhaps most important, it gives a glimpse of God's nature in a new worldly order.

For that reason, this book is not the typical "church growth" book. It does not stand on past paradigms. It does not warm up yesterday's management techniques. It does not pitch old ideas as something new. Instead, it provides a compass that can guide us to a place where no one has ever been.

It paints an accurate picture of the driving forces in the emerging era and presents the astounding opportunities for the New Millennium Church. It describes a new Word for a new age . . . a divine Word for a digital age . . . a transcendent metaphor for a transcendent moment. It lovingly and honestly lays to rest the lost legacies of the past, and describes the "digital demons" of the future . . . or more important, how the church will defeat them.

In short, this book navigates the church through the stormy waters of our approaching time.


Recently I attended a Christian convention, on a beautiful mountain, in a timeless setting. Australian Christians have gathered on this hill for many decades to find food for their souls. The message, the mountain, and the manner of preaching have never changed, not in 50 years. Then I read this book by Thomas Hohstadt and I thought: not even a mountain top faith can survive the digital flood that is coming. Thomas Hohstadt has written a new book about the church. Not another book about the church . . . there are millions of them . . . but a new book. That is to say, it is a new book about the new church which is still somewhere over the digital horizon. I found the book both disturbing and exhilarating. It is disturbing because it rightly demonstrates that the church of yesterday and today is doomed. No amount of pentecostal fire is going to prevent the institutional church from burning to the ground. Indeed it is probably hastening the day. The book is exhilarating because Thomas has immense theological talent and learning. This book is not a doomsayers diatribe, but a prophet's vision wedded to a scholar's learning. This is a book about the digital revolution and its impact on the way in which we encounter the Word, and the way we form communities. The book also offers a powerful analysis of "this generation," which is the generation that is to inherit the digital earth. The 21st century church that they will inherit (and probably construct) is one that you and I can scarcely imagine. Our roots go back 500 years, and it is hard to think in any other terms than the church as we know it. The church of the 21st century has not even been planted yet, but Thomas has given us a clearer idea of what it is probably going to be like. This book is now on my table as a must book to share around.

Australia, 1999 David Bell, Author, Cyberchurch


"I was very, very impressed . . . enthralled. The big thing that so impresses me is WHAT Hohstadt is saying . . . how clearly, succinctly, and boldly he's saying it . . . and how much it needs to be heard. Hohstadt brings a career as a symphony conductor to the challenges facing the church. His artistic sensitivity, his intuitive reach into the unknown, his fascinating quotations, and his energetic writing style combine to make this a book well worth reading and recommending to others. If we listen to him, we'll make more beautiful music in the years ahead." Brian McLaren, Author, Reinventing Your Church

"Forget the future. This is a book for the ‘now'. Hohstadt is neither afraid to speak prophetically nor prone to 'analysis lite'. His fascinating guide to 'prophetic metaphor' is, in and of itself, worth the price of admission." Sally Morgenthaler, Author, Worship Evangelism

"I continue to quote and profit from this book." Leonard Sweet, Author, Post-Modern Pilgrims

"This is a thought-provoking analysis of how our paradigms of worship are of necessity going to be changing in today's accelerating world. 'Dying to Live' will give you an insightful peek into the landscape that awaits us, and for which we must prepare." Bob Sorge, Author, Exploring Worship

"It is on target . . . it has passion and conviction, and it is on a theme that is timely . . . Hohstadt is onto important ideas." Loren B. Mead, The Alban Institute; Author, The Once and Future Church

"Powerful . . . Extraordinary . . . Stimulating . . . His images and prophetic tone are very strong." Rex Miller, Strategic Planner and Futurist

"An interesting and provocative book on an important subject." Richard Cimino, Editor, Religion Watch

"Powerhouse . . . true revelation . . . a refreshing clarity of language." Ed Chinn, Writer and Organizational Consultant


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