Beyond the Emerging Church

This book boldly confesses the vulnerabilities of the "emerging church" and reveals, at the same time, its hidden possibilities.
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A Prophetic Compass For The Emerging Church

The e-book format of Dying To Live.

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Morir Para Vivir
Este libro prepara a la Iglesia para un futuro de cambios. Nos narra como llegamos aqui, a donde vamos y los secretos para una transicion con exito. Quiza lo mas importante sea que nos da un panorama general de la naturaleza de Dios en un nuevo orden.




Dying To Live
This book prepares the church for a future of change. It confronts the hidden tyrannies among the most revered traditions & reveals the promises among the most feared trends. Tells how we got here, where we're going, & secrets to a successful transition.  28% Discount

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I Felt God . . . I Think
Author Thomas Hohstadt discerns the difference between counterfeit emotion that destroys and authentic passion that brings grace and glory to an empowered, twenty-first century existence.  28% Discount

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FutureChurch Combo
Buy both books - Dying To Live & I Felt God...I Think - and receive 28% off of the price of BOTH books!


Voices of the Virtual World
Author Thomas Hohstadt collaborates with other authors in a book about "Participative Technology & the Ecclesial Revolution." Hohstadt writes about "The Geeks of the Gospel: Sorcerer's Apprentice or Empowered Prophet?"

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Taking Flight: Reclaiming the Female Half of Godís Image Through Advocacy and Renewal
Author Thomas Hohstadt collaborates with other authors in a book about women leadership in the future church.

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