Beyond the Emerging Church

This book boldly confesses the vulnerabilities of the "emerging church" and reveals, at the same time, its hidden possibilities.
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What They Are Saying:

“A thoroughly prophetic critique (of) what will likely prove the most missionally challenging century of all time . . . ought to be read by emerging and traditional church alike.” Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways and The Shaping of Things To Come.

“Incredible impact . . . on key thought leaders . . . Beyond the Emerging Church surfaces many of the unspoken questions regarding the place of the Emergent movement as a force for positive change in the Church. He doesn’t allow the movement to find contentment with simply deconstructing the past nor refashioning it for current culture. Thomas is driving deeper. His prophetic voice takes us back to some of the forgotten skills of the early prophets. We are pressed into the maddening tension of dialectic discourse and left with only one avenue – authentic rediscovery. I’m afraid that this will not be the answer most look for, but it is the only path for the Word to become flesh in our lives. I love Thomas’ powerful metaphors, the fluid prose and the probing questions that challenge my faith." Rex Miller, author of Millennium Matrix

“Unfolds like a detective story . . . deeply profound . . . holographic” John La Grou, Microclesia.com

“A portal for the future . . . he does not hang out with conventional wisdom . . . a clarion sound of ‘all things new’.” Ed Chinn, Writer/Consultant

“I read everything Hohstadt writes. This is one of his best.” Bill Easum, www.easumbandy.com/ Church consultants


The pristine vision of an “emerging church” peels away the cultural illusions of the past and explores the authentic implications of the future. The movement’s origins are surely inspired, and its many challenges to modern Christianity are certainly necessary. But its violations of conventional boundaries and contradictions within its own “culture” have become targets of growing criticism. This book boldly confesses the movement’s vulnerabilities and reveals, at the same time, the hidden possibilities of its profoundly empowered future.

Future Church Administrator